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Hello everyone,

I know it has been awhile.

The last year has been something else for me. I had a hard time dealing with the passing of my mom last year. I was ill prepared for the extent of grief I would have and the length of time it would take.

I am so pleased to announce that I am getting back to my positive energy and looking forward to resuming in-person and distant healing sessions.

What is on the horizon for TY's Internal, well I will be completing my certification for Aroma Touch Therapy and once completed this will be offered to clients. Only the highest and most reliable essential oils will be used.

I will also be creating essential oil blends and creams for clients that will also help in the healing process.

I will also be completing my mediation certificate and will be doing online individual and group sessions once this is completed as well.

A lot of exciting things coming and I cannot wait to share them with all of you.

Have a very blessed day!


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