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Empaths and Energy

I wanted to take a minute to talk about energy and the affect it can have on an empath.

Not all empaths feel energy the same way. I know a few empaths that feel energy enough to read a person and their emotions. In the healing field, this is such a benefit.

It is so important to understand however, how to control how energy affects you on a daily basis.

I am an empath and I feel energy of everything. By this I mean, I feel the energy in crystals, people, animals, inanimate objects etc. When it's a person's energy, it comes to me almost like a heat signature.

I did not always know or understand this. Being an intuitive empath, I can pick up on energy distantly. When I would be invited to a party, I intuitively knew who would be there and then I could feel each person's energy field.

So much energy in different states of emotions, would fill me with dread and anxiety, before I learnt how to shield myself from it.

Because I see a "heat signature" I can use this to help people who are in emotional and physical pain. On top of this, a person's heat signature imprints on my brain, so that I can bring it up at any time and see any changes.

I have learnt that each colour in the energy field for me represents whether it is physical or emotional. Emotional pain shows as what I call Internal aura and pain shows as red or flashing black/red.

This has made me very effective in distant healing. Being able to bring up a scan of someone's energy and seeing where the issue lies, enables me to know where to concentrate my energy to help heal them.

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