It's an admission you were wrong!

Updated: Feb 13

Back in 2015 I was working full time for a very busy company. I worked long hours and by the time I got home from my commute there was not enough quality time with my family.

I decided to maybe start a small at home business that will not only provide some extra income, but who knows may take off.

My boss found out and demanded I give 110% of my time and energy to his company.

I went home and was actually going to give up my side hustle.

That night I prayed, God answered.

"If you give it up, it's an admission you were wrong?"

Now read that again!

He was absolutely 💯 correct. If you give up on your dreams it's an admission that your dreams do not mean anything and do not hold merit.

I left the busy company and took the leap of faith and my business started to thrive.

Later that year my husband was diagnosed with cancer. I was able to have the time and ability to spend time with him and take him to his appointments.

The Universe will speak to you. All you need to do is ask. I am embarking on a whole new life quest. And you know what? It's not wrong

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