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The Change from within

I remember not so long ago, how angry I would get at little things. I am sure in the moment they weren't so little, but when you sit and reflect on them, they really were just minor occurrences.

So what has changed for me? I feel connecting to the higher realms has been my defining factor. I am spending a lot of time conversing with the spirit world on behalf of my clients, that I feel that energy, which is pure and full of love and light, is changing my fabric.

I cannot engage my guides and arch angels if my vibrational levels are low. So I am finding things to raise them.

I sing, I dance, I spend time with my animals and just allow myself to be unapologetically me for that time. It has made a significant difference in my interactions with others. I am not combative and sarcastic. I truly am in love with helping people and that lifts me higher than anything.

As I move forward, Spirit shows me new gifts or allows and helps me to connect even deeper. I have, for my last few clients, been able to communicate with their loved ones. I have been able to provide loving messages and hopefully provided closure for them or their families.

I feel different and I am seeing things differently. I feel like a sponge and I am absorbing all the information and knowledge I can, and then eager to utilize what I have learnt. I cannot wait for some of the new courses I am currently doing to be completed and add more services to this wonderful healing journey I am on.

I hope everyone is taking the time to stop.....breathe....and just be.

Peace and Love!


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