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I have been asked and messaged a lot since coming out of the "psychic closet", "why are you doing this?" or "What makes you think you can?" or "How did you know?" (my favorite)

In one word GOD!!!!! God told me to expand in a way to heal. That is why I am here. Now I know some of you are rolling your eyes or shaking your head, but please hold judgement until the end.

I have always had a very unique relationship with God. An understanding of him that I have not found in many people over the past 50 years. It transcends religion and goes solely into spiritual. It is not a matter of who you follow whether it be God, Allah or Buddha, it is the reason you do.

So, God is the reason I started this. I have been running my own business, not this, and helping people with the financial side of their businesses for the last....cough....25 years. I have accomplished so much in that time, not just career but family and life in general. However, life has become so monotonous and this is not how I want the next chapter of my life to go. I want to fill like I am making a difference and helping to heal people.

So one night, as I said my prayers, I laid my soul bare and started sobbing. I asked God to please take control, that I am ready to release myself to him and will go in any direction he points me to. I asked that he speak to me and tell me what path I should be on. I dried my tears, blew my nose and headed to bed.

That night, as I slept, I had a conversation with God. I was told that it is time, he did not elaborate on what it was time for however, this would become clear quite quickly. He told me to open my mind and be willing to shift what I know. Then I woke up with a persons name in my mind, and I knew that was who I had to contact to start the next part of this journey.

Growing up I was always an ancient soul. I knew things I shouldn't have known and felt things. I can walk into a room and feel each emotion. Those in crisis always sought me out to talk to or stand next to. So learning about my gifts has been exciting and daunting and in some/most cases known but buried.

God made me, and he provided me with the gifts that I am unlocking everyday. Trust me, it is every day that something new and exciting comes up for me. Whether it is a new way to connect or a new way to heal. As I lean in to my gifts more opens up.

Yes I can talk to spirit guides, yes I can see a persons aura and heal the voids, I can also infuse the void with a positive emotion, feeling to help in your healing. No I do not connect with your loved ones, YET!!!!!


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